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At the heart of Pixie is a deep appreciation of independent businesses, their owners and community connections. We are committed to the sustainability of local communities and more pointedly, how our rewards can bind customers to you and keep monies within the local economy. There are people, locals and travellers alike, who are eager to explore and discover the very best a local community can offer. Not only can Pixie bring them to your door, it can even incentivise them to shop with you too through our in app reward scheme. Join us and join a movement that seeks to create a more local community at a time.

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What Does it Cost?

For independent businesses there is an annual fee of £99 + VAT gives you a featured profile within the app and the Pixie website too. There is a 1.5% transaction fee which is similar to other payment providers as well as a further 1% which is returned to customers by way of Pixie Points in our loyalty scheme and underpins a fund that can only be spent in independent businesses who are subscribed to the Pixie platform. In addition, Pixie implements regular incentivised marketing campaigns that are points based, and these monies are entirely bound to the local community of independent businesses using the platform. 

DISCOVERY: As an independent business subscribed to the Pixie platform, we will feature you within the app’s Discovery guide to your own local community and bring all-new customers to your door.

PAYMENT: A simple payment platform that accesses that demographic that wants to do everything through its phone. It’s easy to implement too. We provide you with a mobile phone-based terminal, and once installed you will be live within minutes and, then, customer payment transactions take literally seconds.

REWARD: For every pound spent using Pixie, customers enjoy a 1% reward in the form of Pixie points. The points have a tangible value and can be redeemed against new purchases. Pixie also implements regular incentivised marketing campaigns that are points- based, and these monies are entirely bound to the local community of independent businesses using the platform.

Plus, in addition:

  • access to a growing Pixie user-base of like-minded consumers committed to supporting independent businesses
  • unlimited in-app opportunities to promote your own business events, and tailor unique collaborations across your community
  • Pixie pay hardware with ongoing support and maintenance; a clean, stylish and easy-to-use interface that consumers like
  • membership to the Pixie merchant network; working together to make local communities a powerful force
  • In your first year your business photography and copy for your profile are provided free of charge