At the heart of Pixie is a deep appreciation of independent businesses, their owners and community connections. We are committed to the sustainability of local communities and more pointedly, how our rewards can bind customers to you and keep monies within the local economy. There are people, locals and travellers alike, who are eager to explore and discover the very best a local community can offer. Not only can Pixie bring them to your door, it can even incentivise them to shop with you too through our in app reward scheme. Join us and join a movement that seeks to create a more local world.

pixie app

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for the people to find and spend their money in the best independent businesses and we have created a global loyalty scheme for them to do just that. We are disrupting consumer behaviour and we are creating a community of Pixie explorers who, because of what Pixie is trying to do, is actively seeking these businesses. Check out our video to see how Pixie works.


In 2017 Pixie become official payment partner of Frome Market providing residents and visitors alike with a loyalty programme for traders at Frome Market and the independent businesses in the local area. 


our proposal

We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Brixton Village and Market Row and believe there is great synergy in our values - community, connection, exploration and keeping money in local hands. 

Pixie will:

  • Professionally photograph all traders in Brixton Village and Market Row to feature on Pixie app and web platform
  • Provide profiles of all traders in Brixton Village and Market Row that people can explore and discover prior to arrival. This content can be shared across social channels in Pixie campaigns to bring new explorers to your door. 
  • Give you access to the Pixie loyalty scheme
  • Gamify loyalty for a Pixie explorers in Brixton village
  • Create a profile for Brixton Village that can be shared across social channels

What does it cost?

For independent businesses there is an annual fee of £99 + VAT which gives you a featured profile within the app and the Pixie website too. In exchange for status as official payment partnership, Pixie will waiver this fee for all independent businesses within Brixton Village and Market Row.

Per transaction there is a 2.5% fee, the same as most other payment providers but......and it’s a big but 1% of that is returned to customers by way of Pixie Points loyalty scheme and underpins a fund that can only be spent in independent businesses who are subscribed to the Pixie platform. Pixie also implements regular incentivised marketing campaigns that are points- based, and these monies are entirely bound to the local community of independent businesses using the platform.

In exchange...

  • Pixie to become official payment partner for Brixton Village & Market Row 
  • Brixton Village & Market Row to actively market pixie to all Traders and promote pixie across their website and social channels
  • Pixie to run a event night to talk to traders bout Pixie
  • Pixie to run a series of pop up events to promote Pixie to traders and visitors of  Brixton Village & Market Row 
Pixie has a passion for the community, a love for exploration and real-life experiences through adventures. Pixie’s brand tell the stories of local people who are making the world a better place. Those who are passionate about what they do and want to create a more local world. Pixie is enabling you to explore and live in a local world where connections are made and connections make communities.