Meet our graduate Amelia..


What attracted you most about Pixie after graduating?

Pixie is a small team but we're growing fast. So from the very start, you're given a lot of responsibility. It's scary at first but also really exciting.

As a new graduate, you don't have that much workplace experience. But what I love about Pixie is that, even when you're not experienced in a certain area, your voice is still heard. It's less hierarchical than a big corporation - meaning you can be more creative and independent.

How would you describe start-up life?

When things happen at Pixie, they happen quickly. Start-up life is incredibly fast-paced, things change all the time. But that's what makes the job so exciting. You learn quickly how to be adaptable. 

What do you enjoy about working for a mission-led business?

The difference with Pixie is that you believe in what you're doing. Whenever I go into work in the morning, I feel like I'm doing a good thing. It makes the work meaningful - and for me that's really motivating. 

What different type of roles have you learnt?

Oh god, where do I start? Sales, relationships with businesses, event organisation, project management, sponsorship negotiations...

I spend most of my time in sales and marketing, explaining the idea and the ethos behind Pixie to people. On top of that it's meant I've learnt so much about tech to understand how the app works, about social media, about how to expand a business, about making marketing plans. 

But I've also had a great time being a leaflet dropper, I've ran a market stall at Frome Market, I've learnt to roll the perfect Vietnamese summer roll, and done cocktail masterclasses. 

What does a typical day (if you ever have one) consist of?

Here at Pixie, we appreciate that that results only come with time and dedication. We have flexible working hours, but I like to come into the office early in the morning to get started on keeping up to date with what's happening in the communities that I manage. That means finding out about interesting festivals, markets, any kind of events that we might like Pixie to get involved with. I'll often grab a coffee on the way in or go out for lunch at one of our Pixie businesses and have a chat with the owners. 

Otherwise I spend my day in a community that I'm managing or in the process of launching. I'll go round visiting current businesses to see how things are going or introducing myself to new businesses.

It's great always having that contact with the people you're working with. And at Pixie, you always end up meeting the most interesting people!

What do you enjoy most about the working style at Pixie?

The variety. I can be in a new place every day. I'm very rarely sat at a desk all day.

If I want to take the initiative to go out to Bristol to look for interesting new businesses to sign up, I have the ability to do that.

What's the most fulfilling part about the job?

When new businesses go live. You start going into cafés and seeing people you don't know using the app. It's really rewarding watching as whole new communities begin to enjoy the great benefits of Pixie.

How would you describe your team?

Funny, friendly, hard-working, motivated to get things done. Working with a team that is so passionate about the mission, you're always reminded of what we're trying to achieve.


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Pixie Values

We are:

  • provocative with an independent mind that remains accountable for our actions
  • pioneers, exploring and innovating to achieve our full potential
  • a classless team where it is safe to make mistakes and uniqueness is valued
  • transparent, at times direct, but always honest
  • mission led, our mission is at the centre of everything we do

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