Top Tips for growing a Pixie Community


Area Manager -

Amelia Carroll

We chatted to Pixie's resident growth guru about how best to go about building a movement.

1.     Be authentic

 Live the brand and what it stands for. If you believe in what you have to offer, it will shine through.

2.    Be open-minded

Don’t make assumptions about whether someone wants or doesn’t want what you are offering. The choice join our Pixie community is their decision to make, not ours.

3.     Be prepared

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Know your ‘pitch’ off by heart: have your story ready before you approach someone and know where you are going. But be adaptable too - every person and every business is different so listen and tailor our story and responses to their questions accordingly.

4.     Be interested, as well as interesting

When speaking to a business owner, ask questions, listen, make it about the them, not you. Don't "sell", develop a relationship. Remember - you're there because you're interested in helping them.

5.     Role play

Practice how you respond to objections and rejection. Don't be disheartened or become rude if people don't want to listen to what you have to say. Instead be politely persistent - they may change their minds.

6.     Follow-up

 Never leave an exposure without another one being booked in. People are very busy and often forget to reply to emails. Face-to-face contact is more personal and more effective.

7.     Act with integrity

We aren’t in the competition ‘slating’ business. Don’t add fuel to a competitor's fire. The more time you spend talking down the competition, the less time you have to explain what is great about Pixie.

8.    Be understanding of the needs of the business

A business owner is not going to be open to listening to you when they're rushed off their feet. Pick your moment. If you approach someone at the right time, they will be much more receptive.

9.     Remember what’s at the heart of Pixie

We are providing a solution to a problem - not another problem. We are striving to create a more local world. 

10.  Determination, authenticity, integrity, passion, intrigue, exploration, independence...

These are just some of the values you need to succeed at Pixie. When what you do becomes a lifestyle, it doesn’t feel like work. You are contributing to creating a more local world - so enjoy it! 

  • Are you passionate about supporting independent business and do you love being in the know about where to find all the coolest independent shops, bars, restaurants? 
  • Do you love getting out and about and meeting new people?
  • Would you like to get paid for it?
  • Join out team of Pixie Ambassadors!


We are:

  • provocative with an independent mind that remains accountable for our actions
  • pioneers, exploring and innovating to achieve our full potential
  • a classless team where it is safe to make mistakes and uniqueness is valued
  • transparent, at times direct, but always honest
  • mission led, our mission is at the centre of everything we do