The Five Things That Make Being a Pixie Tech Developer Different


Senior Developer -


Carl Saunders

Meet Carl, he's a Senior Developer at Pixie. We spoke to Carl about what makes being a Tech Developer at Pixie different. 

The freedom

Pixie is a small company that is growing fast - so you’re given a lot of responsibility from the very beginning. Even when I first started, I was allowed a lot of independence and trusted to use it. This means I can put forward new ideas and push the boundaries of what we‘re achieving with our tech all the time.

The innovation

Here at Pixie we are constantly using new technology. As a team, we think it's important to motivate our tech developers so that we’re never bored. It’s really exciting times at the moment being able to work at the forefront of what’s being achieved with blockchain.

The variety

Because we’re a small team we can get our hands dirty working directly on a lot of different projects. I rarely spend long periods working just on one thing. As a start-up we work with very quick changes. So, our team has adopted a new way of working called the “scrum approach”. Rather than working on one project for sixth months before showing the business what you’ve created, we work in two-week blocks. This means we can get almost instant feedback from the business and be constantly reacting to new developments in the tech world. Here at Pixie, the app is always evolving.

The team

One of my favourite things about Pixie is how relaxed the atmosphere is. It’s so far from stuffy office jobs I’ve had before. There’s no need to wear suits, everyone is really friendly, the working environment is really chilled...I enjoy it so much that, when two developer friends told me they were looking for work, I recommended them to Pixie to help with the needs of our constantly growing team.

The ethos

When I first joined Pixie, what impressed me most was the team commitment to the Pixie vision of creating a more local world. That passion is felt from the top levels of the company right the way down. Caring about what you do makes it so easy to get the work done - not only does it matter to you, you also enjoy it!

Do you:
-  Love tech and want to be at the forefront of new technologies
- Want to be part of creating a more local world
-  Have the energy and determination to build on our momentum
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We are:

  • provocative with an independent mind that remains accountable for our actions
  • pioneers, exploring and innovating to achieve our full potential
  • a classless team where it is safe to make mistakes and uniqueness is valued
  • transparent, at times direct, but always honest
  • mission led, our mission is at the centre of everything we do