A day in the life of a Pixie Ambassador


Pixie Ambassador -Sarah Cooper 

Sarah Cooper joined Pixie in April as a Pixie Ambassador. Pixie Ambassadors explore local independent businesses and develop relationships with their teams and owners. They help local independent businesses join our Pixie community and get the most out of their participation. ant to find out more... Here is a day in the life of Sarah (and Poppy!)


7:30am - My daughter Poppy wakes up. We have breakfast together - weetabix gets everywhere...

8:30am - After all the breakfast excitement, Poppy goes for her nap and I make the most of the peace and quiet to make some phone calls. I usually make a quick call to the places that I plan to visit, find out if the owner will be in that day, then map out my route.

10:00am - I strap Poppy into the pram and we go for cruise along Lordship Lane, one of the coolest indie districts in Dulwich. Now that my job is finding all these new, cool places my friends rely on me for recommendations - so I’ve got to keep up!

10:15am - We start scouting out the great independents that we come across. They’re all so interesting - I find I’m always drawn to those with a funky shop front. But I learnt quickly not to judge an indie by its front! You never know what creative person is hidden behind that door...

10:30am - I start visiting shops, cafes and restaurants... Manoeuvring the pram through small shop entrances isn’t easy, but the owners are always so friendly and willing to help.

10:40am - After going in, having a browse and being very tempted to buy everything in the shop, I chat to the owner about their business. I try to sound out if they’re the right kind of creative, open-minded person who’d be on board with the Pixie culture and that our mission resonates with them.

Having the baby is a great ice breaker - as long as she’s not trying to climb out and break everything in their shop!

10:45am - If they seem interested, I start explaining the ethos behind Pixie and give them a demo of our app. A lot of the time they’re really enthusiastic and we swap email addresses so I can send them our business brochure later.

12:30pm - Poppy is needing her lunch so I’ll usually stop too and visit one of the interesting cafes or delis that I’ve passed. Sometimes I chat to the owner about Pixie while I’m there, but often I decide to come back another time. It’s important to pick the right moment - people are much more willing to listen and talk when they’re not rushed off their feet at lunch time!

1:30pm - I set back off on the adventure discovering the indies of Dulwich.

2:30pm - I wander by some windows and do some more browsing and chatting about Pixie. Being a Pixie ambassador is great when it comes to my friends’ birthdays. I’m always finding really amazing presents for people while out exploring.

3:30pm - I go and chat to my last few businesses before heading home. One of the best things about being a Pixie ambassador is the chance to meet so many interesting people. I feel really lucky to be going out talking to creative people, rather than sitting at a desk all day - which I couldn’t do with Poppy anyway!

4:30pm - Back at home I start planning the Pixie Dulwich launch party. It’s a really exciting opportunity to bring together our newly signed up indies with the other creative people we’ve met in the area and influential local bloggers for a fun evening of food, drinks and story-telling.

5:30pm - I start emailing the people that I’ve met that day and guiding the independents who’ve already signed up through the next steps of joining the Pixie community.

6:30pm - Bath time then bedtime for Poppy. 

7:00pm - I put some pictures on social media of the businesses I’ve been visiting, then do some work growing my other business before my own dinner and an evening relaxing with my husband.

11:00pm - Head to bed feeling tired but fulfilled after another fun day as a Pixie ambassador.

If you also love exploring and supporting independents, our sales-based ambassador role with both a day rate and commission benefits could be perfect for you! Email us now - careers@pixieapp.co